Tailor Made Masks



Washable cotton face masks made from shirt fabrics

Patterned cotton fabrics from £8 each in fitted or pleated design
Plain colour water repellent fabrics from £6 in three sizes

Buy 4 get 1 free - Please add 4 patterns to your basket and put the code for the fifth pattern in the comments box.

Special offer! White masks - £5 each

Due to the recent law change there has been a huge surge in demand for masks in the last couple of days and lots of designs have sold out unfortunately. It will take a few days to restock all of these sold out patterns. All the remaining patterns are available from the dropdown menu below this list. Thank you for your understanding.

Temporarily out of stock:

TMM01P - Birds & Butterflies - pleated
TMM02P - Navy floral on white - pleated
TMM02F - Navy floral on white - fitted
TMM03P - White floral on navy - pleated
TMM03F - White floral on navy - fitted
TMM04P - White floral on black - pleated
TMM05P - White petals on black - pleated
TMM06P - Blue floral - pleated
TMM06F - Blue floral - fitted
TMM07P - Blue dogs on white - pleated
TMM07F - Blue dogs on white - fitted
TMM08P - Red hearts on blue - pleated
TMM08F - Red hearts on blue - fitted
TMM09F - Red & blue hearts on white - fitted
TMM10F - White polka on navy - fitted
TMM11F - Navy polka on white - fitted
TMM12F - White polka on light blue - fitted
TMM15FR - Black water repellent regular
TMM16FR - Light blue water repellent regular

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